The Kosciuszko Foundation is pleased to announce the launching of a new cultural initiative, Kosciuszko Projects, and its first exhibit: The Many Faces of Tamara de Lempicka. A selection of a dozen works from different periods, as well as memorabilia belonging to the artist and archival materials will be presented to the New York public for the first time in nearly eighty years.

This intimate exhibit presents a glimpse into the “de Lempicka phenomenon” as it has come to be known since her critical re-evaluation began in 1973.

Art works that were especially significant to de Lempicka personally, as well as some of her treasured memorabilia which she safeguarded through revolution, two wars and six residences will serve as clues to the mystery of her personality. Photographs of de Lempicka and her spectacular Paris and New York apartments taken by renowned photographers present how she created her star status among collectors. 

Internationally known as an Art Deco Diva and Queen of the Modern -Tamara de Lempicka is identified with her luminous nudes and portraits of the wealthy and beautiful, particularly her self- portrait, “Tamara in the Green Bugatti.”

As a figurative painter at a time when the avant-garde was deconstructing form, she used precise draftsmanship and technical skill in the manner of the Dutch and Italian Renaissance masters. Fully infused with the context of modernity in her Paris of the Roaring 1920’s, she blended this classicism with the aesthetic of graphic art, photography and cinema. Her “Bella Rafaela” was dubbed “the nude of the century.”

De Lempicka is one of the first generally recognised female artists and her artistic language and independence continue to inspire new generations today, and they are (re)discovering her oeuvre in the era of Instagram and Social Media. – Read the full press release – Kosciuszko Projects