Mexican artist Alberto Pazzi was inspired by “human connections, romantic delusions and cotton candy pink” for his latest pink-fused body of work.

Based in New York City, his highly stylised and bizarre acrylic paintings are rendered in a flat style that takes cues from pop art and combines bright colours and humour with themes such as human desire and melancholia.

On show at La Lonchería in Bushwick, the series is titled There Are No Edges, Only Places Where Things Meet, which gets its name from Gary McFarland’s album, Today. The exhibition takes you through a decade of sketches inspired by Pazzi’s constant search for beauty in the city that never sleeps. 

“I love New York. The diversity, the chaos and all the inspiring people I’m fortunate to know and meet – it’s a constant flow of influence and inspiration,” he says.

The pieces explore surreal compositions of the female body as well as a flying toilet, pets and other creatures while conveying an impressive amount of expressions and emotions. He moves from humour, mystery, sex, beauty and desire (what first catches the eye), all the way to emptiness, frustration, longing and love. – Read the full article at Creative Boom