Photographer Sebastian Müller spent ten days in Iceland, driving over 3,000 miles through the Highlands to take in the incredible scenery. Using his drone, he was able to capture incredible aerial views of the famous landscape, taking advantage of the different colors and textures produced by the country’s geothermal activity. The results are sweeping, dramatic images that once again prove why Iceland is a favorite playground of photographers.

Müller set out in his rented camper to tackle the sparsely populated plateau that makes up most of Iceland’s interior. Primarily composed of volcanic desert, the Highlands of Iceland attract visitors from around the world. Covered in lava and volcanic ash, the terrain is largely without vegetation. Müller took advantage of this in his photography by focusing on the natural lines of the environment and emphasizing the different geological elements present in the landscape.

Particularly striking is his photograph of a glacial river and the sea separated by a strip of black volcanic ash. The bright yellow river owes its appearance to the area’s high sulfur content. From this bird’s-eye view, we’re able to see the smaller waterways that spider down the hills and feed into a large body of water. Its vibrant appearance almost acts as caution tape in an effort to block access to the sea.

This brilliant image is just one of many that Müller was able to capture during his adventure. His mobility allowed him to cover an enormous amount of ground in a short time, leading to a portfolio filled with memorable imagery. From fiery flowing lava to emerald-green glacial lakes, each landscape is a small taste of what Iceland has to offer. – Read the full article at My Modern Met